What is Transmedia? Here’s what it’s not.


Rockstar’s Dan Houser states that Transmedia failed.
He states that movies based on games (and vice versa) suck.
When I think of a movie like “Doom” then I fully agree that it sucks.

However, that to me is not Transmedia.
It’s what Steve Peters calls Franchising and I fully agree.

The video game classic “Doom” has no real connection to the movie “Doom.”
The only thing they share is the title.
The storylines of the game and movie are not connected.

Storyline is the key in what is (good) Transmedia.

Let’s look at “Watchmen.”
The game “The End is Nigh” serves as a prequel to the movie “Watchmen.”
The Characters in the movie reflect on events that you get to play in this video game.
So, story wise the movie and game are enhancing or complementing each other.

Transmedia stands for Transcending media.
This means that the whole should be bigger than the sum of its parts.

Unfortunately, everything is called Transmedia nowadays.
Even when it’s not.

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2 Responses to What is Transmedia? Here’s what it’s not.

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  2. James says:

    Ugh…. so many pov in regards to transmedia storytelling.
    Each and every expert has his or her opinion on the matter.
    I think I should do what you do and just roll with an opinion that at the very least makes sense. I agree that it’s ridiculous to call every fart with a twitter page a transmedia project. Keep it up.

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